I am one those people who have often heard “You will be a great writer when you grow up!” when they were growing up and have never heard “You write beautifully, you should drop everything else and work on becoming a writer instead of trying for a degree or trying to find a decent job.” And I am one of those people who listens to other people.

So I wrote theater plays and never sent them out. I wrote a series for the television and never sent it out as well. Then I wrote a radio play and sent it out to a national contest and won. You would think that would encourage me, but no, I stopped writing altogether.

Untill blogging caught my eye.  I decided that I will write whatever I want, here in this blog, not thinking what my family or friends or other people might think about me. I will write here however I want as well, not thinking if it is literature enough or if its contents suit the style.

And I will see if people will like my writing as it is.

You may read the rest about me in my posts…


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